Whether you are looking to buy or sell your first home, or one of the area's signature properties, Turpin Real Estate has the tools, experience and the understanding of our local market to make your home buying or selling process a success. Over the past five decades we have assisted thousands of people in northern New Jersey with their real estate needs. Read what a few of our many satisfied clients have to say about their Turpin experience:


"Turpin's approach was different—and just what was needed in a difficult market."
- Alfred & Valerie Goossens

When Alfred and Valerie Goossens sold their Tewksbury home in a matter of months, they were delighted. After all, comparable homes had been sitting on the market for a year or more.

"We attribute this sale to Turpin's expertise," says Alfred. "They have a reputation for being no-nonsense, reliable and trustworthy-exactly what we wanted in a Realtor, especially in this shaky market."

The Goossenses, who had lived in their contemporary style home for 10 years were surprised by the quick sale because the comparable homes were center hall Colonial style and considered an easier sell.

"Our Turpin agent was detailed, focused and realistic," says Alfred. "She stood apart from the very beginning because she really listened to us. The others we initially invited in claimed to be the experts and didn't wnullant to listen to us."

The Goossenses point to a number of distinct advantages in working with Turpin. "We love their team approach. They conducted a group walk-through of our home, which is unusual, and we got feedback from several different Turpin professionals" adds Alfred. "And while other Realtors told us we would have to do some remodeling, Turpin advised us to keep the changes cosmetic because the market was soft. They were right."

While any home sale process can have difficult moments, the Goossenses say that Turpin worked hard to minimize their stress. "Turpin found ways to accommodate us and solve potential problems before they arose," says Valerie. "They helped us handle showings with an aging pet in the house, and they were the only Realtors courteous enough to call me after a showing so I knew I could return home. They also helped us find a rental home to live in while our new home in Virginia is being built."

The Goossenses consider their Turpin agent a master negotiator and describe her as a calming presence throughout the home inspection and sales process. "She helped us distinguish important details from unimportant ones," notes Alfred. "We never felt like she was just one of thousands of sales people. Rather, she was part of a small team of professionals all working together for us. Turpin really became a trusted partner and valuable resource in the process."


"Turpin handled the sale of our unique property with ease."
Larry & Karen Littman
Sold property through Turpin

The decision to sell the Chester property they had owned and loved for nearly 30 years was a significant milestone for Larry and Karen Littman. Over the years, they had invested in professional landscaping, installed a customized swimming pool and a built a cabana-style guest house that transformed their backyard into a unique oasis—unlike any other home in their neighborhood.

For the Littmans, the selling experience was quite personal, and in interviewing prospective realtors, they sought a "personal touch."

"All the realtors we spoke with talked about personal attention, but as soon as we met our Turpin representative, the rest just didn’t come close," recalls Dr. Littman.

Pricing unique properties in a neighborhood setting can be a challenge, and, as the Littmans discovered, requires a certain level of expertise to determine the right market value. "I was surprised at how much work the other realtors said we would have to do in order to get the price we wanted," adds Mrs. Littman, "but our Turpin representative understood the property’s selling points right away. She suggested several modest changes and listed our home quickly. Within two months, we were under contract."

The Littman’s credit the quick sale to Turpin’s knowledge of the marketplace and professional-level marketing. "Turpin created a sales brochure that captured the best attributes of our home and property," says Mrs. Littman. "The photography and design was beautiful. The brochure was customized to our needs and the quality showed."

An added benefit of the Turpin experience, according to the Littmans, is the underlying sense of teamwork. "Everyone in the Turpin office knew our property and we always felt that our agent was backed by a team of professionals who were as motivated to sell our home as she was."

"At Turpin, we always felt that we came first," concludes Dr. Littman. "The other realtors seemed to be volume-focused operations. This was the best experience we could have ever hoped for."

“Other realtors tried to sell our property for four years. Turpin found the right buyer in just six months.”
Sue Joseph
Sold property through Turpin

Featuring a combination of farmland, woodlands and an operating dairy farm, the 245+ acre property Sue Joseph wanted to sell was special. But since the family had registered it under New Jersey Farmland Preservation, it wouldn’t be easy.

“Most people want to subdivide now,” notes Mrs. Joseph. “So, we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of prospective buyers; we simply needed to find the right buyer.”

With that goal in mind, Mrs. Joseph spent the next several years working with different real estate agencies and even trying to sell the property herself. “Over time, I worked with exclusive boutique agencies and even the largest Realtor in the area. I was promised, and expected, better results. In fact, one of the agencies I listed with didn’t show our 


home to a single person the entire year.” 

By the time Mrs. Joseph discovered Turpin, the home and property had been on the market for over four years. “I was impressed from the start with our Turpin Associate’s enthusiasm for the project,” she recalls.  “He arrived at the house

with a team of colleagues in tow, so right away there was more than one Turpin Associate knowledgeable about the property.”

Mrs. Joseph credits Turpin’s marketing materials and networking capabilities with selling the house so quickly. “The sales brochure Turpin created for us had more impact than the others. It wasn’t a formula. The entire presentation was very high quality, and, suddenly, we had a lot more interest.”             

The difference between Turpin and the other Realtors, according to Mrs. Joseph, is commitment. “This was an unusual listing and it required work,” she recalls. “The others said, ‘We’ll see what we can do.’ But Turpin was willing to work hard. They were proactive and innovative. They reached out through their network with the right information to find the qualified prospects and got the job done.”

“We knew what we were looking for, and so did Turpin. Our Associate listened to us carefully and didn’t waste our time showing us lots of different houses.”
Lori and Tony Koester
Bought and sold property through Turpin

Lori and Tony Koester had a wish list. They wanted an excellent school system for their two sons. They wanted privacy, and lots of woods. They wanted the charm of an older home, but not the repairs that historic buildings often require.


Lori conveyed these wishes to her Turpin Associate in one phone call. Within a week she received a package with information on homes in their price range, in the community they were interested in. “I loved the fact that there was no pressure at all,” recalls Lori. “I was able to review the information and just call if I had any questions.”

When their Associate showed them the first house on her list, Lori says, “It was love at first sight.” And the Koesters knew they wanted it. “But I think we took our Associate by surprise, and she insisted that we look at another home on the list before making a final decision!”

Over the years, the Koesters say they have moved quite a bit. “I’ve worked with Realtors who have dragged me from house to house,” recounts Lori. “I knew they weren’t listening to me. I appreciate the fact that our Turpin Associate didn’t waste our time and that she was always honest. Our Associate would point out potential issues with noise or privacy before taking us to see a property.”             

Lori says she has already recommended Turpin to friends because of the professional service and local knowledge Turpin offers. “I think it is very important to work with a Realtor who knows the community well,” she concludes. “It’s refreshing to find a group of people who are forthright and sincere in their efforts to help you buy and sell a home.”

“Our happiness was always our Turpin Associate’s first priority. With Turpin, it was never about the money.”
Gamze and Suha Ozsoylu
Bought and sold property through Turpin

It took the Ozsoylu’s three years to find their Randolph home. And they might still be looking if they hadn’t finally met their Turpin Associate.null             

“I could not believe how pushy most of the Realtors were,” recalls Gamze of her house-hunting process. “I knew the style of home we wanted, as well as the price range we were comfortable with. But until we found Turpin, other Realtors insisted on showing us homes well above the amount we wanted to spend.”              

The Ozsoylus say they made it clear to every Realtor they met that they wanted to make a large down payment in order to carry a lower mortgage. “But no one took us seriously, until we met Turpin,” adds Gamze. “Once the other Realtors discovered our financial situation, they insisted on showing us more expensive homes. I didn’t want to waste their time, and I didn’t appreciate them wasting mine.”           

Gamze says she knew that she had found a perfect match with her Turpin Associate when, just a short time after meeting her, Gamze traveled to Turkey for two months. “The distance did not deter Turpin,” she says. “Our Associate continued to fax me descriptions of appropriate homes. She was diligent about keeping in touch and continued the search for us despite our absence.”               

Once the Ozsoylu’s found their current home, they had to sell their property in Summit. “Once again our Turpin Associate was there for us,” notes Gamze. “She was the voice of reason when I wanted to drop the price too soon. She was always honest and straightforward. We always felt that she had our happiness and best interest at heart. We were her first priority.”

“Turpin’s marketing efforts outshine all the others.”
Craig & Marianne Dewling
Bought & sold property through Turpin

Craig and Marianne Dewling describe their experience selling their Chatham home and buying a new home in a neighboring community as “pretty easy” given the challenges inherent in a soft economy.

 “Our Turpin agent was an excellent advisor,” notes Marianne. In an effort not to leave any money on the table, the Dewling’s agent was supportive of their desire to try a higher price, but also “presented us with the information necessary to make our ultimate pricing decision,” which lead to the timely sale of their home.

“From the beginning, Turpin stood out,” Marianne recalls. “We had known our agent for a while and she had already helped us purchase a house at the shore.  We were impressed with her accessibility and the phenomenal team work at Turpin. If our agent didn’t know an answer, she quickly found someone in her office who did. We also believe having a Turpin sign in front of our home put us in a different class in Chatham. It made our property stand out from the rest.”

The Dewlings describe Turpin’s online and print efforts to market their property as outstanding. “From the quality of the photography, to their written descriptions, presentations, and advertisements, everything was of a better quality than anything else we were seeing from competitors,” adds Marianne. “We had four open houses, which were well advertised.”

On the buying side, the Dewlings had very specific ideas. “We were looking for a turn-of-the-century type of home within two blocks of a downtown area. We wanted to be able to walk to the train station, walk to restaurants and other destinations. Although there are a lot of homes on the market, there are only a few that fit our criteria. Our agent listened to us carefully and showed us only those homes that fit our profile. She didn’t waste our time with anything else.”

The Dewlings finally purchased a Victorian home within walking distance of downtown Madison. “We were thrilled to find it because it was in great condition, but needed a little renovating so we could make it our own,” adds Marianne.

“I took Turpin’s advice on pricing and my condo sold to the very first person who came through the door.”
Bruce Morrison
Bought and sold property through Turpin

Turning from a Wall Street career a few years ago, Bruce Morrison headed out to Montana to pursue a lifetime passion for the environment and nature photography. He returned to New Jersey with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies and a thriving nature photography business.  A New Jersey native, Bruce knew the general area he wanted to live in, but was uncertain about how to approach the large—and growing—condominium marketplace.

On the advice of a Turpin Associate (and childhood friend), Bruce found a condo in Basking Ridge, an area that offered natural beauty as well as accessibility to business further east.

As time moved on, Bruce’s eastward travel intensified and his bucolic location put a strain on his commute. He wanted to move further east, but didn’t want to give up the pastoral beauty he loved. Bruce turned to his Turpin Associate again, and found himself happily situated in another condo just a few months later, this time in Chatham.

“My Turpin Associate was very patient and took the time to help me determine where I wanted to be. And, she made the move so easy,” explained Bruce. “She priced my condo perfectly and it sold to the very first person who came through the door.”

Bruce Morrison credits Jack Turpin with building a unique type of real estate company: “He seems to hire only people who really care about their clients, and he makes everyone feel like good friends. Everyone at Turpin went out of their way to help me every step of the way.”

“Our Turpin Associate worked patiently with us for years. She wanted to make sure that we were happy with our new home.”

Lynn and Tim Pierson
Bought and sold property through Turpin

Patience pays off, especially in the case of Lynn and Tim Pierson. When the Pierson’s set out to find a larger home to meet the needs of their growing family, they had one child and were expecting another. By the time they took residence, they were a family of five.

The Pierson’s real estate adventure began nearly five years ago when Lynn and Tim set out to “just look around.”  Lynn wanted to purchase property and build a new home, while Tim preferred to buy an existing house. “We thought we’d see what was out there first,” recalled Lynn.

What they found in the first year, with the help of their Turpin Associate, was a pastoral five-acre parcel of land on Alder Creek Farm. Unfortunately, the property was taken off the market before the Pierson’s could pursue it. 

“I kept driving by that property for years hoping things would change,” said Lynn.  Four years later, they did.  The 5-acre parcel, along with an adjacent 9-acre lot, was put on the market—but both were contingent on the sale of a 24-acre estate right across the street that included a large farmhouse.

The Piersons looked at the farmhouse, but it didn’t spark their interest. Instead, they fell in love with the 9-acre lot.  “Now we began hoping that the farmhouse property would sell so we could pursue the 9-acre lot, which we liked even more than the 5-acre lot!” Lynn explained.

Another year passed, and now with three young boys growing quickly, the Pierson’s began to panic. “That’s when our Turpin Associate called to let us know that the price of the 24-acre estate was reduced and encouraged us to take one more look at the farmhouse,” Lynn said.

“With the house vacant and spruced up by Turpin, we just fell in love with it,” says Lynn. “The floor plan was perfectly suited to our needs and matched what we wanted to build anyway.” The Pierson’s bought the 24-acre property as well as the 9-acre parcel of land across the street. “We have to credit our Turpin Associate,” says Lynn. “She was loyal and always had our best interests at heart. Everyone at Turpin treated us like friends. They’re like neighbors.”


“Turpin marketed our home as if it were an estate property.”
Judy & Bill Toohey
Sold property through Turpin

“Follow up and follow through” is the way Judy and Bill Toohey describe Turpin’s approach to selling their Basking Ridge home.

“We can’t imagine that a real estate transaction could go any smoother,” the Tooheys say. “We don’t know many people who would describe a move as fun, but working with Turpin was fun. There wasn’t a single glitch. Right from the start we felt we were being taken care of and we knew that not a single detail would slip through the cracks.”

The Tooheys describe their Turpin Real Estate Associate as an outstanding professional who is principled, honest and fair to both the seller and the buyer. “We got this sense about everyone we met in the Turpin office,” recalls Judy. “It just felt good.”

When it came to preparing their home for sale, the Tooheys say their Turpin Associate gave them an honest appraisal of what needed to be done around the house and property. “Her recommendations were just right. We didn’t feel like we were doing things that we didn’t need to do, and our home sold in one day!”

The Tooheys were especially impressed with Turpin’s approach to marketing. “Our home was marketed as if it were an estate property. Our Turpin Associate had access to the tools and information to attract the right buyers. She generated a lot of excitement about our property and she took the time to learn everything she could about the potential buyers. When we finally accepted an offer, we were confident that the deal would not fall through because our Turpin Associate had done the research. This was a perfect buyer for our home.”

As long-time residents of the Somerset Hills region, the Tooheys say they were familiar with the Turpin name. “We always associated Turpin with higher-end properties and estate homes,” notes Judy, “but our Turpin Associate had a real appreciation and respect for our modest neighborhood. Every detail of the sale of our home was handled professionally in an understated but effective way.”

Turpin Realtors is an innovative, independent family-run real estate company defined by outstanding service to its communities. Our agents are committed to treating every client with the finest care and attentiveness, regardless of home size, style or value.

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